About this book

Title: The Troll
Author: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: David Roberts
Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books
Recommended age: 
5 – 10 years

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What is this book great for?

  • Reviewing the animals
  • Discovering the marine world
  • Introducing food and healthy eating habits
  • Learning that wit is greater than physical strength


Two stories meet at this wonderful story by Julia Donaldson. There is a grumpy troll who loves cooking and lives under a bridge waiting for a tasty goat to eat. He is fed up of eating fish, but no goats ever come crossing his bridge. Different animals trick him to go down the river towards the sea, with his frying pan and his cookery book, searching for a nice goat to eat.

In the meantime, we will meet a bunch of pirates sailing the seas and looking for treasures. These buccaneers are not very skilled when it comes to cooking, and they are in need of a good chef.

Destiny will join these two parties together, with unexpected consequences.

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Teaching activities

MY PIRATE FLAG – Hank Chief and his crew need a new design for their pirate flag. Will you help them? Use your imagination to create the most beautiful flag for these lovely buccaneers.
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A NEW RECIPE FOR THE TROLL – The troll is fed up of eating fish, he needs to keep a balanced diet. It’s time for us to create a new recipe for his cookery book in this worksheet.
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THE TREASURE MAP – The pirates are stuck in their boat and they need to find the treasure chest. But the marks in their map have been erased. Choose a location for the treasure and trace the way for the pirates.
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MY PUFFER FISH – Pirates love eating fish…. But some fishes are quite poisonous, like the puffer fish. We can use this opportunity to learn about this marine friend and get crafty! You will need a plastic plate, fingerpaint, cardboard and some toothpicks. First paint the plate with your favourite colour, cut some cardboard for the fins and glue some eyes and a bottle cap for the mouth. Decorate by sticking the toothpicks, et voilà!

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