About this book

Title: The coloring witch
Author: Esther Madroñero
Publisher: Everest
Recommended age: 3-6 years

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What is this book great for?

  • Reviewing the colours
  • Learning adjectives
  • Reviewing animal pets
  • Highlighting the importance of friendship


The Coloring Witch has a black cat, named Kitty. She also has a mystical mink brush and some colourful ingredients to create any color she wants. Together, the witch and her cat will discover yellow, blue, red, orange, green, violet and brown. Will she finally change Kitty’s colour?

This nice and short story is a fantastic tool to introduce basic colour and mixes. It constitutes a great background to start working on colour experiments and light behaviour.

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Teaching activities

A NEW LOOK FOR KITTY- The witch could not decide a right colour for Kitty, now it is your turn to use any colour you want to give her a new look.
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COLOURS WORDSEARCH- Can you find the names of the colours in this wordsearch? Here are two options (for younger and older children).
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WALKING COLOURS- Time for an experiment! Did you know that colours can move? This experiment will show you how. You need three glass cups, food coloring, and tissue paper. Dye the water inside the cups with the 3 basic colours: yellow, red and blue. Roll the tissue paper very tight and then bend it in the shape of a semicircle, finally, introduce each of its ends inside a different cup. Now you can sit down and watch as your colours walk up the tissue paper.

BICOLOR LOLLIPOPS- Retinal persistence is a visual phenomenon that shows how an image remains in the human retina for a short time before completely disappearing. You will need black cardboard, coloured stickers, glue and skewer sticks. Simply glue two squares of black cardboard to a skewer stick and add a coloured round sticker on each side. When rotating it by rubbing the stick you will perceive the resulting mix of both colours

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