About this book

Title: My teacher is a monster
Author: Peter Brown
Illustrator: Peter Brown
Publisher: Two Hoots
Recommended age: 3-6 years

You can find it here

What is this book great for?

  • Helping children adapting to school
  • Enhacing creativity
  • Encouraging empathy
  • Working on some outdoors vocabulary
  • Warming up for Halloween


Bobby’s teacher stomps, roars and takes away recess. She must be a monster, without a doubt. Everything changes, however, the day Bobby goes to the park and sees Miss Kirby sitting down on a bench. Perhaps it is the perfect chance to see her in a different light. Bobby will find out that you should never judge a book by its cover, and his teacher could be nice after all.
This book constitutes a great resource for those children who don’t like their teachers and have prejudices, it encourages empathy and openness. A great book to start the course for the little ones and also a fun one when Halloween is approaching…

Teaching activities

DRAW YOUR TEACHER- How does your teacher look like? Like monster? Maybe like a superhero? This is the perfect chance to use your creativity and show the world the way you see your educator. Get a pencil and start to draw!
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MISS KIRBY’S HAT- Miss Kirby has a beutiful hat. Would you recognise it amongs all these? Circle the correct headwear with your pencil.
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THE HATTER- Become a professional hatter by decorating Miss Kirby’s headwear with beautiful bright colours. Do not forget to decorate the flower with some play dough.
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BOBBY’S MAZE- Bobby is in a mission, he needs to rescue Miss Kirby’s hat. Help him with your pencil throughout this maze.
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WRITING MONSTER- Are you a writing monster? It is time to show your writing skills by practising some words from the story.
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COUNT THE DUCKS- Bobby and Miss Kirby love the ducks in the park. Would you help them counting? Work on your numeracy and trace the correct amount inside the square.
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