About this book

Title: An incredible nose
Author: Antonio Díaz
Illustrator: Natascha S. Rosemberg
Publisher: Bruño
Recommended age: 4
 years (EFL Learners)

You can find it here

What is this book great for?

  • Learning English as a Foreign Language
  • Reviewing the animals
  • Learning and representing actions
  • Learning body parts


This story will tell us about elephants. About their walking, their tusks, their tails and their incredible noses!! A short story for toddlers, specially designed for EFL learners, it is included in the teaching project «Otito, Ota y yo» from Editorial Bruño, highly recommendable for the use at schools of Spanish speaking countries.

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Teaching activities

COUNTING ELEPHANTS- How many elephants do you see? Count and trace the correct number inside the square. Nice resource to improve number tracing and work on numeracy.
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COUNTING BODY PARTS- How many eyes does the elephant have? And ears? This worksheet will reinforce our body parts vocabulary while working on numeracy and number tracing.
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E IS FOR ELEPHANT- E is the first letter of this nice animal. Would you trace it in this worksheet? We will help our students’ developing pre-writing skills and letter identification.
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CIRCLE LETTER E- We have learnt that E is for elephant, but this worksheet has mixed many vowels together. Could you help the elephant finding his lovely E? This resource will improve our students’ fine motor skills and work on their letter identification.
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MY ELEPHANT CARD- Feeling crafty? Here’s a lovely and simple craft. You only need some colour cardboards, scissors, glue, a marker, craft eyes and a balloon. You can use it for a birthday party or special occasion!

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