About this book

Title: My little bed
Author: J.S. Pinillos
Illustrator: Julen Rodríguez Ruiz
Publisher: Iajajai
Recommended age: 3-9 years

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What is this book great for?

  • Working on healthy sleeping habits
  • Tackling nighttime fears
  • Encouraging autonomy
  • Working on the idea of empathy


A little girl and her beloved bed will tell us their wonderful adventures through the pages of this lovely book. Based on a true story, it tells about the importance of a good sleep, from a different perspective. Have you ever thought about your bed’s feelings? Your bed loves you so much, protects you and misses you each time you are away. That is why it is so important to take good care of it.

This story is aimed to encourage young children to sleep on their own and become a great support on getting over nighttime fears. Heart-warming and original, it is definitely a wonderful bedtime story!

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Teaching activities

SLEEPING CARDS- Time to identify good sleeping patterns. This set of cards will help us working useful vocabulary. We can use it on different games and dynamics to work on sleeping routines.
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PARTS OF MY LITTLE BED- Do you know the parts of a bed? This worksheet will help us, while improving our writing skills. Get your pencil and let’s practise!
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SLEEPING POSITION- How do you sleep on your bed? Circle your favourite position and draw it on your “Little bed”.
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COUNTING BEDS- Will you identify the bed amongst all this house furniture? Circle and count.
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