About this book

Title: Mr. Impossible and the Easter Egghunt
Author: Roger Hargreaves
Illustrator: Roger Hargreaves
Publisher: Egmont Books
Recommended age: 2-
5 years


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What is this book great for?

  • Learning about Easter traditions
  • Working on the emotions
  • Considering the different skills we all have
  • Working on togetherness and team work


Mr Happy wants to have the greastest Easter Egghunt ever. He asks for help to Mr. Impossible to hide the Easter Eggs in impossible places. He is very satisfied with his choice, but that same night, he starts worrying about it. What if Mr. Impossible hides the eggs in impossible places? Could all the eggs be found?

Mr Happy and his friends will have to use their imagination in this fantastic Easter Egghunt.

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Teaching activities

MR. MEN OFFICIAL- Mr Men already provides us with some wonderful materials based on their books. Check on www.mrmen.com for a quick and free download.
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COUNTING BUNNIES- Easter is a great occasion to work on our numeracy, these bunnies will help you counting in a very seasonal way. Just download the templates and have fun!
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MR IMPOSSIBLE’S MAZE– Mr.Impossible is quite good at hiding easter eggs, but what about findind them? Help Mr. Impossible to find the easter egg in this maze.  With this resource we will improve the trace and fine motor skills of our students.
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BUNNY TREAT HOLDER– You’ve found lots of little treats in your Egghunt but don’t know where to store them? Here’s a bunny treat holder for you. A nice way to get crafty and work on fine motor skills.
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EASTER EGG HOLDER – A nice way to recycle toilet paper rolls is by creating crafts. What about a holder for those easter eggs we’ve found in our Egghunt? You will need white paint, scissors, a black marker and white/pink cardboard. Set your imagination free!

MY EGGHUNT CHALLENGE – Tired of ordinary Egghunts? Let’s try the Egghunt Challenge. All you have to do is write a challenge in a piece of paper (Eg: jump 10 times like an Easter Bunny) fold it and place it inside a plastic egg. You can create as many challenges as you want to. The winner of this special Egghunt will not be the one who finds the more eggs, but the one who accomplishes the maximum amount of challenges.

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