There’s a snake in my school

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About this book

Title: There is a snake in my school
Author: David Walliams
Illustrator: Tony Ross
Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books
Recommended age: 
5 – 10 years

You can find it here.

What is this book great for?

  • Reviewing the animals
  • Learning adjectives
  • Getting ready to go back to school
  • Ignoring physical appearance and focusing on what is inside


Miranda loves being different, so it is not surprising when she comes to school with an enormous slithery python called Penelope on Bring-your-pet-to-school Day. Her classmates are at first a bit frightened, since pythons EAT people. Miranda, however, shows everyone how friendly and funny Penelope is. All the children are having fun with the python when Miss Bloat, the headmistress, suddenly appears and locks up all the pets. Luckily, Penelope will find a way to save the day.

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Teaching activities

MY FAVOURITE PET- Do you have any pets? Would you like to? Describe your ideal pet in this worksheet.
Take me to this resource

PETS WORDSEARCH- Can you find the names of some pets in this wordsearch? Here are two options (for younger and older children).
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MY SPIRAL SNAKE- Time to use those artistic skills by decorating and cutting a spiral snake. A great way to improve cutting skills and fine motor skills.
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DIY SNAKE- Feeling crafty? You can create your own snake with some lollipop sticks and fingerpaint. Use your imagination to decorate the lollipop sticks however you want, you can use different techniques (stickers, paper, markers, etc). Then, simply glue all the lollipop sticks together, add some craft-eyes and cut some red cardboard for the tongue.

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